Our Story

Ray Cogo traveled to the Netherlands in 1986-1989 where he collected herb and flower formulations from professional cultivators, then he returned to the USA. The new product that was created used fine ground calcium and magnesium that keeps the fertilizer in Ionic form even in cold water. The finished product was brought back to the Netherlands where it was extensively tested by professional cultivators.

Gourmet Gardens Fertilizer LLC is a American company that specializes in liquid plant food concentrates and has been featured in GM Pro Greenhouse magazine as Innovator of the Year, in Growing Edge Magazine as well as many other newspapers and magazines.

Our Approach

Why cogo's?

The most important concept to remember is that plants can only utilize nutrients that are water soluble. It is a waste of effort, time and money trying to force unavailable insoluble fertilizer raw materials through your growing system.

Cogo's Original liquid plant food concentrate for Herbs & Flowers is an American product, and is the first super liquid 2 part concentrate created specifically for Herbs &Flowers. Cogo's Original liquid plant food concentrate for herbs & flowers contains the most expensive purest, highest quality nitrate nitrogen, Potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate and phosphorous. Cogo's Original liquid Plant food concentrate for Herbs & Flowers is a unique product that contains no additives, herbal extracts, hormones, sodium or fillers and needs no extra additives. It is highly concentrated and properly balanced containing all primary secondary and micro nutrients.

Cogo's Original liquid Plant food concentrate for Herbs & Flowers is clean & clear and is instantly absorbed by the plant, stimulating growth. Cogo's original liquid plant food concentrate for Herbs and Flowers is non toxic, safe and eco friendly creating healthy plants that stay resistant to fungus attacks.

A two gallon set makes 512-1024gl 7.5 ml of part A macro and 7.5ml of part B secondary and micro combined mixed in one gallon of water separately equals 1.85e.c or 1160ppm after the final reading of your water. This product is the most cost effective and affordable product in the market today.

Our Story